Real-time capital planning and cost modeling

PROTEA is AI-driven cost planning software that:

Integrates with your design software
Provides transparency into design-decisions
Allows unlimited design & programmatic combinations
Maximizes the value you deliver to your clients
Eliminates re-work later on, saving time & money

Intuitive & dynamic tool aligning your design-decisions with your clients’ budgets.

What PROTEA Will Do for You

Eliminate Re-work

Understand the cost impact of design-decisions to avoid unnecessary changes later in the process.

Bid and design confidently

Protea provides benchmarking data and real time cost estimates in various formats instantly.

Accurate Data

Market data driven by AI that gets smarter every time it's used.

Intuitive & Easy

Forget the learning curve. Plug in your parameters and generate costs instantly.

PROTEA Cost-modeling Certification

Obtain a certificate in cost modeling with PROTEA’s free training course.