Instant and accurate benchmarking and cost modeling

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Real time cost models

Instantly see the results of design decisions and obtain various benchmarks escalated to future dates.

Super Fast and flexible

Protea produces benchmarks and cost estimates in real time, whether you're using the web application or while you're designing in Revit.

Easy and Intuitive

Protea was created for designers and owners, so it's intuitive and easy to use. Protea helps users learn to use its products.

Create and export reports

With Protea's proprietary uniformat reports and executive summaries, you’ll see where design requirements are driving the biggest costs — and where there are opportunities to save. Reports can be generated as PDFs or Excel files.

Online Support and Training

Protea provides on demand training materials, and can provide in-house training to teams and individuals for advanced use cases. Please contact us to learn more.

Protea+ Consulting

Protea's expert cost estimators are available to provide support and additional services. Please contact Protea to learn more.

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Integration With Revit

With Protea’s Revit plug-in subscription or Premium Suite, you can obtain real time cost estimates while designing in Revit.  

Real time estimates

Uniformat reports

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Gain insights while designing

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